Opening Day at long last has arrived

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You can have Super Bowl Sunday (except when the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing), I’ll take the first Monday of April, which typically features opening day and the NCAA men’s basketball championship game. There are pros and cons when you are in business for yourself. The cons involve paying for your own insurance, not having paid vacation and not receiving a guaranteed paycheck. Among the pros are having an unlimited ceiling of what you can earn, being your own boss and having the flexibility to set your own schedule.

As my bio explains, I have a writing and PR business. Knowing that I will have trouble focusing on work today, I spent several hours working on writing deadlines and client writing and media relations projects over the weekend. I’ll be completing more writing and PR work this morning and early this afternoon, but once 4 p.m. arrives, my mind will centered on baseball. Tonight, my focus will move to Ohio State and Florida.

I have been a devoted baseball fan since I was a little kid. My love for the game, and for the Red Sox, has consistently grown over time. Blogging about the Red Sox has only heightened my passion for all things Red Sox and baseball. The off-season was long, especially because of how the regular season ended last year for Red Sox Nation. Just as I feel on the night before I embark on one of my travel writing adventures, I sleep lightly on opening day eve. The day is enhanced this year with Ohio State’s presence in the NCAA Tournment championship game.

I’m certain that many of you in Red Sox Nation share the same excitement about this season. With the depth in Boston’s rotation and bullpen, and the potential production of the lineup from top to bottom, it will be one to remember. I have a strong feeling the the Red Sox will be playing in late October.


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