Manny on his way out the door?

I read this article a few minutes ago. It appears that, this time, Manny may actually be traded. I do agree that you cannot replace Manny with one person; however, I also believe that the Sox lineup can be deeper by what they will save from dealing Manny’s contract. Hopefully, if Manny is traded, the Sox keep Wily Mo Pena, since I think he can post numbers similar to Manny’s. An outfield of Pena, Crisp and Drew would be effective. I’m hoping the Sox sign Julio Lugo and Aubrey Huff as well. However, I do think that the Sox have alternative plans and will add another big bat before spring training. I am torn about trading Manny, but if the Sox do deal him, I like the idea of a trade with the Dodgers, who have an abundance of strong prospects.

Here is the article:

MLB official: Ramirez might be dealt by Saturday

The Red Sox are aggressively shopping outfielder Manny Ramirez now, according to major league sources, at a time when the slugger’s trade value has peaked, and there is a sense among some executives that their trade talks are gaining momentum.

Left Field
Boston Red Sox


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"I wouldn’t be shocked if the Red Sox traded him by Saturday," says one big league official.

By Saturday, Boston’s negotiations with free agent outfielder J.D. Drew are expected to finish officially with a multiyear agreement. At that point, Boston will be in better position to trade Ramirez, who has driven in more than 100 runs in each of his six years with the Red Sox, and in 11 of the last 12 seasons. Ramirez has been an extraordinary producer of runs for Boston, and an equally extraordinary producer of melodrama. He has asked for trades repeatedly, has often played at something less than full speed, and at the end of the 2006 season, there was some question about whether he made a full effort to play with a sore knee.

Among the teams involved in the conversations:

• The San Francisco Giants, who might have to involve a third team to become a serious player in this market, or perhaps swallow some of Boston’s worst contracts, like that of pitcher Matt Clement.

• The San Diego Padres, who can build a deal around reliever Scott Linebrink.

• The Dodgers, who are starved for power hitters, loaded with prospects and could probably offer the best possible package of youngsters, from third baseman Andy LaRoche to pitcher Chad Billingsley to outfielder Matt Kemp.

• The Rangers have had talks about Ramirez, but as recently as last week, the Red Sox still preferred to talk about a swap of shortstop Michael Young for Ramirez — a deal that almost certainly won’t happen.

The Orioles have spoken with the Red Sox about Ramirez recently, but their conversations hadn’t advanced in recent days. The Indians and Red Sox talked last week, but those conversations are dead; the cost in salary and prospects were simply too high for the Indians. The Angels and Red Sox had talked in the past about a Manny deal, but those conversations have apparently ended.

Ramirez has 10-and-5 rights and can veto any deal, so the team working on a trade involving him would have to negotiate a settlement with Ramirez to get him to accept the swap.

Executives with other teams say that in order to move Ramirez, Boston will have to come to grips with the idea that they will not get back major league talent equal to that of Ramirez; rather, they might have to settle for a deal much like the Gary Sheffield trade the Yankees made early in November, when they got three pitching prospects from Detroit. There are indications now that Boston’s trade demands for Ramirez are dropping, to facilitate a deal. "They seem motivated to move him," said an AL official. Ramirez signed an eight-year, $160 million deal with Boston after the 2000 season, and his contract was considered all but untradeable as recently as six months ago because of an annual salary that approaches $20 million; the Red Sox placed him on waivers after the 2003 season, and nobody was willing to even take him for free at that time.

But the recent salary explosion — Alfonso Soriano‘s $136 million deal, Carlos Lee‘s $100 million contract — has cast Ramirez and his salary in a different light.

If the Red Sox complete a Ramirez trade, there would be an enormous hole in the Boston lineup. But it may be that the Red Sox have other plans in the works if they gain contractual flexibility with a Ramirez deal, and with the addition of Drew and possible addition of Julio Lugo at shortstop, they might feel like they will still have a deep lineup.

A Ramirez trade may also have an enormous impact on No. 3 hitter David Ortiz. "That guy will draw about 200 walks next year without Manny hitting behind him," said one scout. "I don’t care who it is who bats fourth instead of Manny — J.D. Drew, or Wily Mo Pena, whoever — he won’t be as dangerous as Manny was, because Manny can hit good pitching."

Buster Olney is a senior writer at ESPN The Magazine.




    i think (and i’m a Yankees fan) that if Manny were to be traded, it would yet another mistake by the Red Sox FO

    1) the Red Sox simply will NOT get equal value for Manny; he’s THAT solid of a hitter

    2) gone would be the centerpiece of the Red Sox offense — the one-two punch of Ortiz-Ramirez

    3) Ortiz’s hits/hr’s/rbi’s would decline as he would be walked big time; “That guy will draw about 200 walks next year without Manny hitting behind him”

    and as a Yankees fan, i would extremely happy if Manny went to another team (preferably an NL team)


    o god why he **** does anyone think Manny’s going to be traded? The Sox want to ADD players this season, not trade away their best hitter!!

    seriously, manny accounts for 10 to 15 of papi’s homeruns… without manny’s protection papi’s gonna get walked like ****! say goodbye to all those dramatic 9th inning walkoffs!!

    we’re going to sign drew and lugo, giving us 2 all-star caliber players around their prime. if we manage to get matsuzaka (which we’d better…) our rotation will be among the league’s elite. if we somehow manage to rob houston of lidge by trading hansen and maybe someone like murphy, our bullpen will be pretty much set!

    but if we trade away manny we immediately lose 10 wins to our total. the returns can’t add up to 10 games above average since no one can really replace manny’s power (who’s available via trade anyway).

    You trade Manny, you might as well trade Papi with him. They’re a package, individually good but together form the greatest duo since… i dunno, who was the babe with?


    The babe was with gehrig, and nothing will ever replace that duo.

    I cannot wait for them to trade Manny. Andruw Jones is a downgrade offensively and that is best case scenario. Drew and Lugo are all star caliber but lugo’s has not put it all together yet and Drew needs to stay healty and handle the boston media, something I entirely doubt.

    Drayton is a shrewd GM, you’re not robbin houston of Lidge, someone he wouldn’t trade when the stock was still high in the offseason and he could have gotten a better return than a bombed high prospect and a guy with no real major league experience.


    Though like I said, if he goes to anaheim, which Jeff doubts and I have no opinion on, that is the only thing that I would fear. Or anywhere else with major league proven, young dominant starters. If it is a deal where another offensive player is the main selling point, I am not impressed.


    look, if we’re gonna trade Manny we’d better get alot of cheap and young talent in return… from Anaheim I would expect at least a Howie Kendrick or Brandon Wood along with Ervin Santana. Scot Shields would also be desirable…

    If the Mets are still interested (and why wouldn’t they? lol), I would want Lastings Milledge among others, but the Mets don’t really have good young pitching to spare… they kinda lost Pedro haha

    so… yeah, all in all, I really don’t want to see Manny go. As Vince said, it’s a Yankee fantasy for Theo to trade Manny and I don’t think Theo’s job is to fulfill the deepest desires of New Yorkers!

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